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Poster presentations

Poster Presentations: Individual posters will be exhibited for one day. Authors of posters will give an oral introduction of two minutes maximum to their poster (one slide only) at the poster preview session scheduled in the afternoons. For details of the timing, see below.

Poster size

The maximum available space on the poster boards is 146 cm in height and 118.5 cm horizontally. This is ample space to hang up a DIN A0 poster with its 118.9 cm x 84.1 cm format vertically. To hang it up horizontally will be a tight squeeze.

Poster display and attendance time

The poster display time is given in the conference programme and is the time during which the poster should be hanging on the poster boards. It has to be removed at the end of the poster session to make space for your successor. Those who have their display time on Monday and wish to put their poster up on Sunday are welcome at the conference venue between 13.00 and 20.00 hrs. The poster area is in the foyer of the conference venue near the registration desk where the icebreaker party takes place. Posters with display time on Wednesday should be removed until Thursday 15.15 hrs at the latest.

The poster attendance time is given in the conference programme and corresponds to the daily poster session time from 17.00–18.30 hrs when you have to be present at your poster.

Poster preview session

Each poster can be presented orally at an extra poster preview session (see our timetable and overview below, and check the oral poster presentation time and lecture room of your session!). This oral presentation is given right before the poster session; you may speak for a maximum of two minutes using one single slide. It gives you the opportunity to advertise the poster in front of the same audience as in the oral session, only in a shorter talk. You can give a brief description of the highlight of your poster and draw a wider attention to it. Your presence at the poster is then required after this preview session.

The poster preview session has a tight schedule. In order to ensure the continuity during the presentation we need your single ppt slide in electronic form well ahead of the meeting, i.e. at the latest on 15 August 2012. This will enable us to arrange the slides in the sequence as given in the poster programme. If you fail to send the slide until 15 August to the email address given below, you will not be considered for the oral presentation during the poster preview session.

Poster preview file submission

Please follow these instructions for file submission of your one slide:

  • Digital or computer-based presentations must be compiled in Microsoft PowerPoint on an IBM-compatible PC. Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 versions are preferred.
  • Save your presentation EXACTLY in the following way:

Name of your file (remember: one slide only!) with your session name, followed by the poster number, followed by the presenter’s name as in this example:

S2a_P6name.ppt (or pptx)

Please check at home that a PC other than your own can access your presentation.

  • Deadline for file submission: 15 August 2012 (see above).

Poster preview session overview

Please check the oral poster presentation time and lecture room of your session!

Manuscript submission

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts for special emc2012 issues that are planned for the European Journal of Mineralogy, the Mineralogical Magazine and the Periodico di Mineralogia. Find more information here.