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Manuscript submission

European Journal of Mineralogy

Following this unique type of European event, the European Journal of Mineralogy will publish one or several emc2012 special issues. Contributors are invited to submit their paper through the emc2012 section of the EJM website, also accessible through the conference website. Guest editors will be appointed shortly. Manuscripts will undergo the normal, double-review process and, once accepted, will be published online as soon as the first-proof is available. The deadline for submission is 31 October 2012.

Direct link for submission and author’s guidelines:

European Journal of Mineralogy website:

Mineralogical Magazine

The Editors of Mineralogical Magazine welcome offers of papers from the emc2012 conference either as individual papers or as thematic sets. The Magazine has short submission-to-publication times (as little as 6 weeks in some cases), high-quality reviewing and production, free printing of colour plates and free e-prints for authors. Please speak with the Editors (Roger Mitchell and Pete Williams) during the conference or come along to the Mineralogical Society stand for further information. Alternatively visit or the online submission site at

Periodico di Mineralogia

Contributors to session 4c (Medical and Environmental Mineralogy) of the emc2012 are invited to publish their scientific articles in a special issue of Periodico di Mineralogia. They can communicate their intention to publish in PM in advance at the exhibition stand of Periodico di Mineralogia at emc2012. Manuscripts should be submitted on OJS web site: until end of October 2012. The special issue will be published in April 2013. Manuscripts will be subjected to the normal double-review process; proofs will be published online as soon as available.