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2-day Eifel field trip

Deadline of Eifel field trip registration: 27 June 2012

Field guide: Kevin Klimm

Date: Friday-Saturday, 7-8 September 2012

Departure: 8.30h conference venue in Frankfurt

Arrival: / approx. 20.00h at Frankfurt central railway station (Hauptbahnhof)

Costs: 165 € plus accommodation (see detailed costs)

Cost of the 2-day Eifel field trip Single item (€) Total cost pp (€)
Field trip (full board included) 165**  
Hotel accommodation in:    
single room* 112 277
double room* 74 239
double room in shared 4 person-cabin* 49 214

Subject to availability: after 30 May 2012, only single room accommodation is bookable online. Contact the local organizing committee to check availability of double or shared rooms.

** The field trip costs include: the field guide booklet, all entrance fees, snacks  and refreshments in the bus, full board (packed lunches, dinner and breakfast in the hotel)

Min. participants: 16

Max. participants: 24


The Eifel volcanic fields are worldwide famous for numerous relatively young and well exposed intraplate volcanic complexes. The West Eifel Volcanic Field represents the classical maar area of the world and consists of ~75 maars together with ~200 cinder cones. The different volcanic centers are often very close to each other and are well exposed by intensive quarrying making it an ideal area to study volcanic deposits. The East Eifel Volcanic Field host the Laacher See volcano, one of Europe’s largest plinian eruptions as documented in the famous phonolitic magmatic tephra deposits. The field trip will visit both volcanic fields and will provide a broad overview of different styles of intraplate volcanism. There will also be time to enjoy the beautiful sceneries at the lakes and chances to connect with German culture by visiting the abbey at Laacher See or enjoying the local cuisine and hospitality.


Day 1, Friday, West Eifel volcanic field

The emc tour bus will leave Frankfurt at 8.30 am from the conference venue. After a ~2 hour drive we will visit the Meerfelder Maar to have a first impression of a typical maar structure and phreatomagmatic deposits. In Wallenborn we will visit the “Wallenborner Brubbel”, an active CO2 vent that shows that pathways from the mantle to the Earth’s surface still exist. At “Rockeskyller Kopf” we will investigate the complex and interconnected deposits of three different volcanic centers with different eruption styles. At Walsdorf there is a chance to visit a tertiary basaltic outcrop. The day will finish at the “Dauner Maare” which are three beautiful water filled maars. Dinner will be served at the hotel which is situated close to the lakes (walking distance) in the natural landscape. The hotel has an indoor swimming hall and some sport facilities. Details can be found at:

Day 2, Saturday, East Eifel volcanic field

We will leave Daun at ~9 pm and head to Laacher See. At “Kunkskopf” we will visit another cinder cone with an initial phreatomagmatic episode. Next stop will be the abbey at Laacher See “Maria Laach”. We will have time to visit the abbey and to walk around the Laacher See to enjoy the beautiful landscape. The phonolitic magmatic tephra deposits will be visited at the famous “Wingertsberg Wand” few minutes south of Laacher See. The second day will close with a visit of the “Felsenkeller” and the attached brewery where we will learn about the connection of lava flows and beer. We will return to Frankfurt main station at ~8 pm.