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Field trip registration

At the end of the emc2012 conference, two field trips will take place:

  1. Eifel field trip (2 days, 7-8 Sept. 2012)
  2. Odenwald field trip (1 day, 7 Sept. 2012)

Please read these lines before you register for a field trip!

1 The registration for the Odenwald field trip is open until 15 August 2012. The registration for the Eifel field trip is closed since 15 May 2012.

2 Accompanying persons are welcome. In case of overbooking of the field trip by regular participants, accompanying persons will have to withdraw. In this case, any payment will be fully refunded.

Accompanying persons on the field trips must be over the age of 18 years.

3. Before you register, please download the waiver of claims form, complete it and fax it to: +49-69-798-40121. You will not be allowed on the field trip without this signed document.

4 ** IMPORTANT ** Medical and other insurance

emc2012 registration fees do not include insurance for participants against personal injuries, sickness, theft or damage. This applies to any event associated with the conference including field trips. Participants are advised to obtain whatever insurance they consider necessary. Foreign visitors to Germany are not covered by the local medical insurance plans.

5 Refunds

If the field trip is cancelled after the registration deadline (15 May 2012), the payment will be refunded minus 5 Euros for handling. In other circumstances, the registration payment is not refundable.

6 Cancellations

All requests for cancellations of registration or field trip participation must be received in writing by post, e-mail or fax by the Conference Secretariat. Cancellations will not be accepted by telephone.


Luggage storage

For luggage storage at Frankfurt International Airport, see: