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19.10.2019 : 15:11 : +0200

Plenary lectures at emc2012

During emc2012, there will be a number of 30 min. plenary lectures given in the overview below.

  Date Lecturer Title
Invited 1 Monday 3 Sept., 9.00-9.35 Hilary Downes, London, UK Mantle and core formation - a view from ultramafic meteorites
Public lecture Monday 3 Sept., 20.00 Thomas Stachel. Edmonton, Canada Diamonds are forever - but when and where are they formed?
Invited 2 Tuesday 4, Sept., 9.00-9.35 Rod Ewing, Ann Arbor, USA Nuclear waste forms: The road not taken
Award lecture:
2011 EMU medallist
Wednesday 5 Sept. 30 min. each Sébastien Merkel, Lille, France High pressure plastic behaviour of deep Earth minerals
Award lecture:
Hallimond /MinSoc
Wednesday 5 Sept. 30 min. each Patrick O'brien Potsdam, Germany A novel way to grow continental crust: evidence from diamond-bearing granulite - garnet peridotite complexes
Invited 3 Thursday 6 Sept. , 9.00-9.35 Tim Elliott, Bristol, UK Tracing mantle evolution with novel isotopic systems
Invited 4
IMA medallist 2012
Thursday 6 Sept. , 16.20-17.00 D. H. Green, Canberra, Australia Experimental petrology of peridotites, basalts and C, H, O – a window on the Earth’s Upper Mantle